"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood Investigated For Assault


Teen MomOn Tuesday’s episode of “Teen Mom,” the MTV cameras caught an explosive argument between  Amber Portwood and her ex-fiance Gary Shirley. The hot-headed mom, who was originally seen on “16 And Pregnant,” has become known for verbally abusing the father of her young daughter Leah, but this particular argument sent her into a full-blown, physically abusive fit. The argument, which initially began over the child’s lack of bedsheets, quickly escalated until Amber was screaming so loud that Gary threatened to call Child Protective Services. The most horrifying part of this whole ordeal? Their child Leah can be seen standing at their feet as they argue, understandably distraught. After Amber refuses to lower her voice, Gary takes Leah and leaves the apartment.

 “I’m keeping her for a while,” Shirley says, as he removes his daughter from the hostile situation. 

“Oh really? How long is that,” Amber shoots back.

“Forever,” says Shirley.

When Gary returns later on in the episode, he finds Amber piling his belongings in the stairwell of the building. She then continues to scream at Gary, and appears to slap, punch, and kick him numerous times before he leaves. Despite Amber egging him on, Gary doesn’t lay a hand on her once. Local police were reportedly alerted by anonymous emails, and has passed the investigation along to the department’s criminal investigation unit.

Do you think Amber will be charged with assault? How will this impact her role as a mother?