Teen Mom Amber Portwood Is Not Dating A Sex Offender

Amber Portwood Teen Mom
Teen Mom Amber Portwood Not Dating A Sex Offender

After reports surfaced that Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood was dating a registered sex offender, the information on the man in question has been cleared up today. It turns out that this is merely a case of mistaken identity, and the “Chris” that Amber met at Walmart and went on a date with was confused with another man named Christopher Glen Hossman, who happens to be a child sex offender.

Amber’s Chris has definitely had some trouble with the law, and admitted to her that he served time in jail and was on a work-release program, but it appears as though he was not in trouble for harming a child.

No matter what Chris did, Amber says, “I try to give everyone a second chance and look into their hearts…I wouldn’t have even given him a chance if he was still into drugs or doing anything like that. I wasn’t okay with his history in jail, but I can’t judge him just by that, because if that was the case, there’s plenty in my past that I could be judged on.”

Let’s hope that for Amber’s sake, and the sake of her daughter, that whatever her new beau did was minimal. A guy who has been in jail isn’t exactly someone that I’d want around my child. To each his own, I guess!


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