Teen Mom Amber Portwood Photographed Drinking And Partying

Teen Mom Amber photographed drinking

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is already being investigated for assault after she was caught on camera going off on her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley, and now Life & Style magazine has pictures of Portwood partying.

The shots show the underage mother drinking and posing with a bottle of vodka, and according to a source at the party she was also spotted making out with a new man at the party. The source also said that Amber was heard telling people that, “she said she needs to watch how much she drinks because she’s on something.” Jordan Sanchez, recently told Life & Style Amber is on the powerful sedative Klonopin. When mixed with alcohol, the result could be deadly.Now, I understand that Amber is 20 years old so it’s really not that shocking for me to see pictures of her out drinking. But this is the same girl who said that it was too overwhelming right now for her to take care of her 2 year old daughter, so maybe she should just lay low?

I think that Amber is probably trying to reclaim a bit of the youth that she lost when she had a baby so young but really that’s her own fault. I’m tired of these kids who get pregnant and decide to keep their children then all of a sudden complaining that they no longer want the responsibility 2 years later and that they just want to be young again. It’s too late for that! And I know a lot of you think Gary is much better for Leah but to be honest, I don’t think either of them is suitable to parent that poor little girl.

So what do you think do you think Amber is just trying to live a little bit of her youth that she lost out on by having a baby so young, or is she just a spoiled brat who’s totally shirking all her parental responsibilities?

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