'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Sent To Jail

amber portwood, teen mom
'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood has been sent to jail!

There’s no get out of jail free card for Teen Mom Amber Portwood.

Radar Online reports that the 21-year-old Teen Mom is back in jail after a judge ruled she violated her probation.

Portwood has been on probation for an incidient in August 2010 when she was recorded assaulting her 3-year-old daughter Leah’s father, Gary Shirley.

The MTV reality star’s brother, Shawn Portwood, tells Us Weekly that “probation officers visited [her] for a random drug test at her house and they found pills in her purse that she did not have a prescription for even although she explained that they had previously been prescribed to her. In addition she missed a court hearing and that is why she was jailed this time around.”

The Madison County Sheriff’s department says it “will be up to the courts to decide” how long she remains in jail.

Shawn says that Amber is “distraught” because she was planning on seeing Leah for Christmas.

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