Teen Mom Amber Portwood Would Never Date A Sex Offender: Regular Law Breakers Not Out Of The Question

Amber Portwood Teen Mom
Amber Portwood Would Never Date A Sex Offender

After last week’s episode of Teen Mom, there were speculations that the man that Amber Portwood went on a date with was actually a registered sex offender. It turns out that it was a case of mistaken identity, after the real sex offender’s girlfriend watched the show and confirmed that the “Chris” who took Amber to dinner, was not her “Chris.”

Carol Zizak, the mother of Amber’s baby daddy, Gary Shirley, is speaking out on Amber’s behalf and saying that she would “never ever date a sex offender!” She also said that you never know who someone is when you meet them on the street, or in Amber’s case, at a Walmart.

The “Chris” who took Amber on her date was in jail and told her that he was out on a work release program. I guess regular law breakers aren’t out of the question as far as her love interests are concerned.

Chris Hossman, the registered sex offender who was falsely identified is supposedly planning on talking to a lawyer and finding out what his legal options are. I guess he’s worried about his image being damaged?

As for Amber, her on-again, off-again relationship with Gary Shirley seems to be in the “on” phase, at least for the time being. Gary’s mother reported that the pair bought promise rings for each other, and plan to work on their relationship.


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