'Teen Mom' Couple Better Off Without Baby: Evicted From Apartment


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Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell were kicked out of their apartment.

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are best known for giving up their daughter, Carly, for adoption on the MTV hit series. But now it seems as though they are gaining street cred for another choice they’ve made as adults – stiffing the landlord!

Catelynn and Tyler started off season 3 by renting out an apartment in Marine City, Michigan back in August 2010. The big move was featured on the MTV series.

According to court documents, the couple stopped paying rent in December 2010 and they received an eviction notice. They were taken to court by their landlord and ordered to pay $450 in back rent, forfeit their $450 security deposit, and get out the building.

There is no word on where Catelynn and Tyler are staying now, but it seems like their decision to give Carly up for adoption was a good one. If they can not afford to pay $450 in rent a month (I wish that was my rent here in New Jersey), than there was no way they’d be able to raise a baby.

Kudos for the couple making the right decision in giving Carly up, but let’s hope these two get their acts together and start acting like adults.

[Photo via Twitter.]


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