'Teen Mom' Couple Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood Are "Through For Good" (Photos)


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Gary Shirley ends it with Amber Portwood.

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley is being serious this time around – or so we hope. Shirley has called it quits with on-again off-again fiance Amber Portwood.

He starts off on Saturday (Sept. 17) saying, “I’m completely through w amber No more back n fourth s**t. I got my precious baby u got your precious anderson men hope your sins r worth it.”

He then continues with, “Moving on I’m bout to kick it with honors with my last night til I get Leah back from grandmas. Thank u mom for everything.”

It seems like he had a date on Sunday (Sept. 18) because he added, “I got a date tonight. With a girl in Indy… Where to take her?” Hmm is he really taking the higher road here?

A fan must have questioned his intentions because he responded with, “Just dinner lol a date plus I’ve been over this crap way to long.”

And finally on Monday (Sept. 19), he said, “Hard to turn u away today, heading u cry was hard but your actions were terrible and this time there was no reason for what u did. No love.”

Let’s hope these two really are done for good – for the sake of their daughter Leah. It is so unhealthy to have two parents together and then not together. All the back and forth is sending her mixed signals and she will most likely be emotionally stunted in her future years.

I hope these two get it together and stay apart for the sake of their daughter.

How do you feel?

Check out Gary’s personal photos below and what he has to say about each photo!

  • Gary Shirley 1 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Meet Leah, and her dad's name is Gary
  • Gary Shirley 2 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Won a Baby Stewie! #IndianaStateFair
  • Gary Shirley 3 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Some true GT tonight w @followevan, @bdavis_31
  • Gary Shirley 4 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    I support Landon Timothy, "Mr. Strong".. Everyone check out @DirTEELinens' story.
  • Gary Shirley 5 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Love meeting fans on the road.. Literally
  • Gary Shirley 6 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    #swaglikeGary.. Let's get this trending today!
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    Gary Shirley
    #swaglikeGary #Garypostale
  • Gary Shirley 8 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Who owns a GT tee?? See the resemblance??
  • Gary Shirley 9 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Gary Time bleeds blue
  • Gary Shirley 10 of 10
    Gary Shirley
    Hope everyone's having a great night.. What's everyone up to??

[Photos via Twitter.]



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