Teen Mom: Crazy Hair, Crazy Days & Cute Kids! This Week with Leah Messer, Maci Bookout, Chelsea Houska & More!

Chelsea Houska's Adorable Aubree!

This week has been a crazy one for our favorite Teen Moms! With summer right around the corner, the crew has been busy traveling around the country, dealing with crazy hair, crazy days and super duper adorable kids.

Maci Bookout has been hanging with her growing boy Bentley, Leah Messer wants to relax, Farrah Abraham hung out with Ryan Seacrest, Kail Lowry is teaching her son to clean, and  Chelsea Houska‘s daughter Aubree is still showing off how adorable she is!

Check out what the Teen Moms have been up to right here!

  • Maci Bookout & Her Crazy Hair! 1 of 16
    Maci Bookout & Her Crazy Hair!
    The wind was having it's way with Maci Bookout's hair, but she still looks fab!
    Source: Twitter
  • Maci’s Lunch Date With Bentley 2 of 16
    Maci's Lunch Date With Bentley
    Maci tweeted, "hot lunch date #nofilter #perfection #rainthaibistro #raybans" Seriously how adorable is Bentley!?!
    Source: Twitter
  • Maci’s Multi-Tasking Living Room 3 of 16
    Maci's Multi-Tasking Living Room
    Maci tweeted, ""and our living room doubles as a studio!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Maci & Bentley = Pro Golfer & Hot Mom 4 of 16
    Maci & Bentley = Pro Golfer & Hot Mom
    Maci tweeted, "pro golfer.. hot mom.. he got it! thanks to @yngandreckless for tha hookup!" That's a shout out for the clothing line Young and Reckless.
    Source: Twitter
  • Bentley is So Ready! 5 of 16
    Bentley is So Ready!
    Maci tweeted, "i don't have a chance.. #flyjersey #foxhelmet" Ha! Love that.
    Source: Twitter
  • Leah Messer’s Crazy Week 6 of 16
    Leah Messer's Crazy Week
    It's been a crazy week for one of our favorite Teen Moms Leah Messer! She tweeted, "#crazyday that's all I can say! Soooo ready to #relaxxxx !!!!!" And later she tweeted, "I've came to the conclusion feelings really don't matter..." But even when things are crazy, she should always remember what she has…lots of love!
    Source: Twitter
  • Farrah Abraham Takes Her Show on The Road 7 of 16
    Farrah Abraham Takes Her Show on The Road
    Farrah Abraham has been crazy busy! This week she made an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's show.
    Source: Facebook
  • Kail Lowry’s B-baller! 8 of 16
    Kail Lowry's B-baller!
    Kail tweeted this adorable photo of her son - "My little lefty! #proud"
    Source: Twitter
  • Starting Him Early 9 of 16
    Starting Him Early
    Kail is one smart lady! She tweeted this photo with the note, "Teaching him young."
    Source: Twitter
  • Kail’s Fab Hair! 10 of 16
    Kail's Fab Hair!
    Kail shows off her hair tweeting, "Ombré, no filter."
    Source: Twitter
  • Cute! 11 of 16
    Kail tweeted this super cute photo with the message, "Blue eyed babiessss."
    Source: Twitter
  • The Teen Mom Team 12 of 16
    The Teen Mom Team
    Catelynn Lowell tweeted this great pic of her, Farrah and Maci with their MTV peeps!
    Source: Twitter
  • OMG Chelsea Houska Tweets Cute Overload 13 of 16
    OMG Chelsea Houska Tweets Cute Overload
    "Sister puppies :)"
    Source: Twitter
  • Chelsea and Aubree Pull Out the Cute! 14 of 16
    Chelsea and Aubree Pull Out the Cute!
    Chelsea tweeted this very cute mommy daughter duo pic.
    Source: Twitter
  • Presh! 15 of 16
    As Chelsea tweeted, "Presh!" So very true!
    Source: Twitter
  • Jenelle Evans Deletes Her Twitter Account 16 of 16
    Jenelle Evans Deletes Her Twitter Account
    And in sad Teen Mom news, Jenelle Evans deleted her Twitter account after posting this heartbreaking photo of her tear stained face. Let's hope things get better for her soon!
    Source: Hollywood Life

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