'Teen Mom' Dad Corey Simms Celebrates Twins' Birthday (Photos)


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Corey Simms celebrated his daughters' birthday over the weekend.

Teen Mom 2 cuties Aleeah and Ali may have already celebrated their second birthday with mom Leah Messer and her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert. But dad Corey Simms had his own celebration for the girls – a Barney themed birthday party!

Not only did the girls get a double birthday bash this year, but Corey surprised the girls with a special guest – Santa Claus!

With a birthday party and Christmas, the girls were showered with many, many gifts! What more could they want?

Take a look at the birthday party photos below!

  • The More the Merrier 1 of 15
    The More the Merrier
    Corey Simms and his friends celebrated Ali and Aleeah's second birthday.
  • Barney Loves Everyone 2 of 15
    Barney Loves Everyone
    It seems that the girls really love Barney as he was the theme of the party.
  • Father-Daughter Time 3 of 15
    Father-Daughter Time
    Corey took a moment with his baby girl during her party.
  • How About My Lap? 4 of 15
    How About My Lap?
    He then let his daughter sit on his lap. What's in the Solo cup?
  • Taking After Mother 5 of 15
    Taking After Mother
    One of the twins seems to have Leah Messer's blonde locks.
  • Corey’s Special Friend 6 of 15
    Corey's Special Friend
    Corey seemed to have invited a special lady friend. Could he be getting engaged soon as well?
  • Barney 7 of 15
    The girls received all sorts of Barney themed gifts as well.
  • Thinking About the Past 8 of 15
    Thinking About the Past
    I suppose Corey could be thinking about his past and wishing ex-wife Leah Messer was around.
  • Toys Galore! 9 of 15
    Toys Galore!
    Take a look at Corey and his daughters opening the gifts.
  • Chefs in the Family! 10 of 15
    Chefs in the Family!
    The girls opened their very own kitchen set.
  • Fun, Fun, Fun! 11 of 15
    Fun, Fun, Fun!
    Corey and his friends took another silly shot of themselves.
  • Time For Cake! 12 of 15
    Time For Cake!
    The girls waited in anticipation for their birthday cake.
  • First Come, First Serve 13 of 15
    First Come, First Serve
    The twins got the first taste of the cake.
  • Corey’s future Fiancee? 14 of 15
    Corey's future Fiancee?
    This could very well be the future Mrs. Corey Simms.
  • Birthdays Are Always a Blast! 15 of 15
    Birthdays Are Always a Blast!
    Aleeah and Ali loved every minute of their celebration.

[Photos by Facebook.]

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