"Teen Mom" Dad Gary Shirley Sets Up Twitter Account For Daughter Leah

Leah has her own Twitter account

“Teen Mom” stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley’s two-year-old daughter Leah now has her own Twitter account.

While mom Amber is in rehab for her prescription pain medication and anger management issues, dad Gary has custody of their child, and has recently revealed that he set up the account for the little toddler.

“You guys, it should be obvious that Leah has no contact with Twitter,” Gary tweeted.  “This is just a fun concept that will in now way affect Leah herself.  OMG!  You actually think she’ll read tweets?”

“It’s a fun thing for us to post pics and tweets.  It’s not actually her.  I protect my daughter.  This is for her sayings, things she’s doing, etc… it’s all me tweeting,” the single father added.

We’re not sure how opening a Twitter account and posting revealing details about a two-year-old toddler’s life is protecting her, but let’s hope dad Gary uses good judgment and doesn’t open up a FourSquare account for her too.

What do you think?  Should parents be opening up Twitter and Facebook pages for their children, even if it’s the parents who are maintaining the accounts?  Would you open up an account for your child or do you have privacy concerns with social networking sites that stop you from doing so?

Image via Twitter.

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