'Teen Mom' Dad Gary Shirley Wins Full Custody of Leah

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Gary Shirley wins full custody of his daughter Leah.

Congratulations Gary Shirley!

According to his lawyer, Jeff Lockwood, the Teen Mom star has gained full custody of his 3-year-old daughter Leah. Mom Amber Portwood has visitation rights.

“Today the Department of Child Services dismissed their case against both parents,” Lockwood tells us. “Now that DCS is out of way, regular court order comes into play.”

He explains, “Gary is the primary custodian, which means he has custody of Leah and Amber has visitation rights.”

Leah will be with Amber every other weekend, Friday through Sunday, alternating holidays and time in the summer.

“Gary loves Leah very much. In my opinion, he still has strong feelings for Amber,” Lockwood says. “Whatever her struggles are, he wishes her the best and supports her, but his primary concern is protecting Leah.”

Gary even tweeted the happy news himself saying, “Today amongst all days is the single greatest day for the rest of my life:).”

Are you happy that Gary Shirley has full custody of Leah?

  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 1 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah trying on daddy's hat.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 2 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah getting her very first haircut!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 3 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah at a church activity and pumpkin patch trip.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 4 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah having fun with daddy.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 5 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    In case you were unaware, these are Leah's parents: Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 6 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah looks like she has some face makeup on.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 7 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah pushing her hair back. She looks a little frustrated.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 8 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah loves ice cream!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 9 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah as a baby. It's hard to believe she is 3-years-old already!

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