Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Exclusive! She Talks Sophia, Men & Where Shed Like to Be in 5 Years


I am in awe of Farrah Abraham. When life dealt her lemons, she turned them into lemonade, and a sweet delicious lemonade at that. Farrah Abraham became famous after becoming a cast member of the uber-popular 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom series. While becoming pregnant at such a young age cramps many a teen mom’s style, Farrah Abraham not only stays in style but is doing a whole slew of amazing stuff. Besides starring on Teen Mom, the now 21-year-old is going to culinary school, just wrote a book (My Teenage Dream Ended which comes out on August 14th) and is raising her daughter Sofia on her own in Florida. Her story is one of survival, success and pure devotion to making her life not just better but better for the love of her life her daughter Sophia.

We got a chance to ask Farrah ten questions things we wanted to know from whether she wants more kids, what kind of man she’d like to meet to where she thinks she’d be in five years. Check out her exclusive answers right here!

  • On Being On Teen Mom 1 of 10
    On Being On Teen Mom
    Do you have any regrets about appearing on Teen Mom & 16 and Pregnant and opening your life to everyone? Or has it been a blessing?

    I'm happy I had the experience; it has taught me a lot and has helped me in a positive way.

  • On Being On a Young Mom 2 of 10
    On Being On a Young Mom
    What has been the hardest part of being such a young mom? What's the best part?

    The hardest part is organizing my life from being a mother, to business women and daughter etc., so that I can be successful. The best part is financially I have enough money to take care of my daughter the way I always dreamed I would.

  • A Few of Her Favorite Things 3 of 10
    A Few of Her Favorite Things
    What are some of Sophia's favorite things?

    Sophia's favorite movies are Wizard of Oz , Shirley Temple, Barney, and Bubble Guppies. I love to take Sophia to Disneyland and other theme parks, it truly makes Sophia happy!

  • On Where to Settle Down 4 of 10
    On Where to Settle Down
    Where would you like to live Iowa, Florida or would you like to settle somewhere else?

    I have to say if I settled somewhere else it would be have to be the median of both places. I haven't found that one place that has great family values, good social life, and great business opportunities for my field. I can't wait to have that balance though.

  • More Kids? 5 of 10
    More Kids?
    Would you like to have more kids in the future?

    I would love to have a son in the future.

  • Her Fav Role! 6 of 10
    Her Fav Role!
    Author, model, reality star, student, culinary creator what is your favorite role?

    Currently I really love that I'm an Author, I think it is the best way to influence and help others.

  • What Kind of Man She is Looking For 7 of 10
    What Kind of Man She is Looking For
    What are you looking for in a man? What qualities would you like him to have?

    I seek a family guy, healthy/ attractive, goal oriented, hard working and successful. That's very hard to find along with someone who does not need a lot of attention!

  • Advice? 8 of 10
    What advice do you have for young moms?

    My best advice is to not be dependent on anyone but yourself, work hard and be focused on your goals for the future.

  • Her Mom 9 of 10
    Her Mom
    How is your relationship with your mother these days? And has this relationship changed how you are and will be raising Sophia?

    My relationship with my mom is amazing, we love each other and miss each other, but we still have our disagreements of course. Our relationship affects Sophia and I do my best not to raise my voice and keep calm around her.

  • The Future 10 of 10
    The Future
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In five years, I hope I'll have another TV show, my restaurant will be open, I'll have written more books, maybe a clothing line for children and teens, I'll have furthered my education and impacted the world in a positive and educational way. I really hope to be married, eventually.


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