'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Introduces New Boyfriend To Sophia "Right Away"

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Farrah Abraham has a new man in her life.

Being a regular Teen Mom viewer, I’m well aware of Farrah Abraham’s many relationship troubles – whether that pertains to her agonizing relationship with her mother or the loss of her daughter’s father before Sophia was born. Either way, Farrah hasn’t had the best of luck in life.

All things seem to be at a turning point as Farrah has found the man of her dreams. The only catch being that she already introduced the new man to her daughter. In fact, Farrah introduced them “right away.” Not the best move as a parent, but alas, she is a Teen Mom.

So how did Farrah and her new man, Daniel Alvarez, 23, meet? Through a random woman that Farrah met at the airport. “She said, ‘I have a friend you should go on a blind date with.’ It’s the most random way I’ve ever met somebody,” she told Life & Style.

Farrah adds, “I couldn’t ask for a better guy to come into my life.” He’s even good with baby Sophia. “I introduced them right away,” Farrah shares. “It’s like a perfect little family. He’s great with Sophia.”

How do you feel? Did Farrah introduce Sophia to the new boyfriend way too quickly? What’s the average time limit before introducing a boyfriend to a child?

[Photo via Twitter.]


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