Teen Mom Farrah Abraham: Is New Boyfriend Step-dad Material? (Photos)

Farrah has a new man!

Teen mom Farrah Abraham has a new man! Her boyfriend that she met in Florida is Marcel Kaminstein.  And one thing about Marcel? He is way way older than the 20-year-old Farrah….he’s 34!

How did the two meet?

They reportedly got hooked up via J-Date the Jewish dating website.  And so far things are going very well. Farrah told Life & Style that she’s “happy and hoping for the best,” and wants to build “a strong and lasting relationship with [Marcel].”

They new couple has been hitting the beach and she was really giddy about making him a nice dinner recently. And there are rumors that she wants to bring her daughter down to Florida to meet him and perhaps integrate him further into her life. And Marcel could be a great stepdad, he has a job, he’s older (and hopefully mature) so he could be just what Farrah needs.

Check out pic of Marcel here!

Photos: Twitter and Facebook

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