Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Opens Up about Challenges, Hopes and Fears

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham
Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, the Teen mom on MTV’s Teen Mom, opens up about her challenges, hopes and fears.

Farrah first appeared on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, and is probably one of the most known teen moms in America.  The shows have documented the 18-year-old’s young life, giving viewers insight into the life and challenges faced by the young mother. did an interview with Farrah who revealed that the most difficult part of being a teen mom is “going to school full time, having a job and being a great mom”.

When asked what she misses most about her life before baby Sophia, she said “all the spare time I had.”  But the most rewarding part she says, is “all the love I feel, even when I feel all alone, I still feel the love.”

Her biggest fears are something happening to her or Sophia physcially.  She hopes to complete an Associates Degree in Culinary Management, to write a book about her experiences as a teen mom, and to open a restaurant .

Farrah says that being a teenage mom is nothing like what she had expected.  She’s learned “not to take anything for granted, work and try your hardest.”

“All through Sophia, [I learned ] how to be there and change myself, and  how to be a good parent. I am very happy I got this opportunity and it has helped me out a lot in my situation.

When asked what advice she could offer other teen moms, or to teens in general, Farrah said:  “make sure you live up to your personal expectations, being a great parent for your children and not ever giving up the dreams that you had before having a child.”


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