'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Moving To Florida and Giving Up Her Puppy

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Farrah Abraham is already donning the Florida attire, Miama Dolphins clothes.

With this week’s episode of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham finally settled on a locale to move her life to, but ultimately had to give her puppy away in the process. Now, Farrah is opening up to MomFinds about why she chose to live in Florida with Sophia and what it felt like to give her puppy away.

What made you decide to go visit Florida?
There’s a school I’ve wanted to attend since I was a junior in high school. I researched all the campuses and the Fort Lauderdale campus appealed to me the most. I had to go visit.

So what did you like about Florida?
The were a few important things I looked for. First, I wanted to make sure the economy seemed to be progressing and I saw it was. I also wanted to see if there was room for me to grow here and I was satisfied with that as well. I saw I could go to school and get a job. I was also looking to see if Florida was child-friendly and it is much more child-friendly than where I am from. From schools to every day public use, it is easier to raise a child in Florida.

Do you have any fears or concerns about moving away from your family?
Honestly, my only concern moving away from my family is finding great child care for Sophia. That is always on my mind.

Okay, last one: why did you give up the dog?
I had to give Kandi away because I didn’t love the puppy and Sophia wasn’t playing with her much anymore. I didn’t want Kandi to suffer because Sophia and I weren’t bonding with her. My neighbor you saw in the episode truly loved Kandi and I saw that they had a wonderful bond. I knew she would have a better home there. By no means do I regret giving Kandi to my neighbor—I see them all the time playing and Kandi is happy there. And Sophia still sees Kandi. I just had to make a choice and I chose the right home.

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