'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Visiting Derek Underwood's Gravesite With Sophia

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Farrah Abraham poses with a Miami Dolphins player.

On this weeks episode of Teen Mom that aired on Tuesday (August 16), Farrah Abraham visited the gravesite of her baby daddy Derek Underwood for the very first time. Now, she is opening up about the event as well as how she plans to keep his memory alive for Sophia at Momfinds.

What were you feeling as you were riding to Derek’s gravesite?

Driving to Missouri, I really was trying to prepare myself emotionally. Since I had never been—and never thought I would be going there for that reason—I was really trying to keep my mind off of it.

How did it feel to have your mom there with you?

I was very happy my mom was by my side. I needed support even though it’s normally hard for me having people around when I feel like I want to be alone. I felt if I started to fall to pieces she could help with Sophia so I wouldn’t make Sophia sad

Why is it important to you to keep Derek’s memory alive for Sophia?

To me it’s important to tell Sophia about her dad and the person he was. Derek and I made Sophia and she is a wonderful living child. I see Derek in Sophia, so to quit talking about her dad would be wrong. We made Sophia, we are a part of Sophia. That’s special and I will never lose sight of that. To not share or include Derek in our life would leave a big empty gap in terms of peace and love.

What’s been the hardest part of being a single mom?

To me the hardest part of me being a single parent is dealing with the grief of losing Derek on top of being financially independent, working, going to college and always trying to keep positive and happy around Sophia. It wears on me and it’s hard.

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