Teen Mom Farrah Pregnant Again? Are We Rewarding Knocked Up Kids With Fame?


Teen mom Farrah is on the latest cover of OK! It claims that she has a baby bump and is preggers yet again. Sure the tab lies a lot, but I can believe this and my first reactions is “What the…!!!!”

How is it possible this girl didn’t learn her lesson the first time? The short answer: She’s been rewarded with fame and tabloid covers for making the mistake of not wrapping it up and bringing another life into the world that she is not equipped to take care of. Kudos? Why not keep on making babies and watch the headlines and cash roll in?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen Teen Mom except in bits and pieces and from the looks of it, they are all having a horrible time with absent dads and crazy moms arrested for choking them. And yet, they and other teen moms are being glorified by the press in the worst way possible for impressionable teens watching. By lauding them we are not sending the message “Be careful if you have sex,” but “Get pregnant and you too can be on Dancing With the Stars!” Bonnie Fuller’s website, which is geared towards teens and writes often about the Teen Moms, even had a quiz asking readers “What Teen Mom Are You?”

So why wouldn’t young girls feel that pregnancy is the way to go to get attention. There are plenty of teens who are desperate for it. Case in point would be Farrah. If she’s pregnant again, she’s at fault for her own actions, but the attention we are giving could be a major factor. It’s sad because what she may not realize at her age is that fame is fleeting, but motherhood is a lifelong job.