Teen Mom: Is Amber Portwood Going to Lose Baby Leah?


AMber PortwoodTeen Mom star Amber Portwood may not be a teen mom for much longer. According to new reports she may soon lose custody of her 2-year-old daughter Leah. And this wasn’t due to some of odd legal snafu or offense, according to sources she had pretty much abandoned her toddler. So what did she do?

Word on the street is that she left Leah with the father of her child Gary about a week ago. Since dropping the toddler off she has vanished. She hasn’t called, emailed, or texted Gary about Leah or anything else for that matter. “I’m in the process of moving, so my stuff is all packed up,” the 20-year-old told “Gary does have Leah right now because it’s not safe in my house.” But to not call or anything?

Does this just confirm that teenagers aren’t usually equipped for parenthood?

Photo: Via Facebook

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