Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Admits She Violated Parole. Will She Ever Get Jace Back?

Jannelle Evans

It’s been tough for Teen Mom Jenelle Evans. She had yet another day in court. She made a brave move on Tuesday morning when she admitted that she violated parole.

The now 21-year-old confessed in court that she did indeed fail a drug test when she was arrested back in July. She had been in rehab but had tested positive for marijuana use. But the good news? She has undergone testing every week since then and hasn’t had another positive test since.

Her attorney told RadarOnline that “Jenelle is doing really well,” adding that, “she completed her parenting class and her anger management class.”

Janelle tweeted about the court date saying, “And the judge congratulated me to being clean since August 😉 and got drug tested at court and I passed of course. Probation got continued!!”

But the big question. Will she get her son Jace back? She currently does not have custody of her son but her lawyer said that she gets to see him every day.

Let’s hope that she keeps her act together not just for her sake but for son Jace.

Photo: Twitter

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