"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Split After His Threat About Jace!

Jenelle Evans is single again.

Word to the wise: When you’re dating a mother, don’t ever stand in between her and her children. You’ll find yourself thrown to the curb faster than you can say “MTV.”

Teen Mom 2 fan favorite Jenelle Evans was having a little pre-April Fool’s fun when she tweeted that she and boyfriend Gary Head had broken up, but the joke turned all too real yesterday after a blowout argument.

The two were celebrating their four-month anniversary and tweeting happy pictures of themselves, but things got ugly when Jenelle discovered that Gary had slept with her ex-friend, Victoria Rhynes. He claims it happened weeks before he began dating her, but she apparently isn’t convinced.

“THANKS @Gary_Head FOR F*ING MY EX BEST FRIEND @vkillemm AND CHEATING ON ME,” she exploded on Twitter.

But the real dealbreaker happened later in their fight when Gary dealt the lowest blow anyone can deal a mother – especially one like Jenelle, who doesn’t have custody of her son Jace!

She explained in a tweet, “yes me and @Gary_Head are over. when u tell me “im going to MAKE SURE yu never get yr child back”…yeah its over.”

This morning, she confirmed on Facebook, “yes its true what i posted on twitter. its not an april fools joke,” confirming that she dumped him because of his threat about Jace.

Then Jenelle got in a final jab at the Corps, saying, “marines are TOO STRICT. i found out the hard way. :[”

For his part, Gary has been tweeting his heartbreak for hours, telling his followers, “J is all i can think ab rite now” and “Love that girl so much.” He admits that his threat about Jace was made “out of spite,” and agrees with a tweeter who thinks he and Jenelle should still have a life together.

The furious J used to think that, too. Her latest tweet says, “And to actually think i thought u were the one that i was going to marry one day….”

Something tells me this is far from over. But should Jenelle get back together with a man who can say such a horribly hurtful thing? Was it just a one-time heat-of-the-moment thing, or is Gary bad news?

What do you think?

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