"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Just Had Surgery! Is She Okay?

Jenelle just tweeted this pic of herself in the recovery room.

Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans is sporting the scrubs today – not as a student, but as a patient!

This morning, Jenelle underwent a surgery that people associate more often with young children than with a 20-year-old mother.

What was it? A tonsillectomy!

She tweeted yesterday that she was about to have the procedure done, and then again six hours before the actual surgery.

As you can see from this picture – tweeted just minutes ago – she came through it just fine. Don’t you love the pink glove?

Although it’s more common for children to have their tonsils out, the surgery may be recommended for adults who have recurrent strep throat infections or whose tonsils are so large they cause sleep apnea.

Jenelle has had her share of health woes recently; she was in the hospital on January 24 with a kidney infection. But though her throat will be sore for a few days, she has friends who have promised to nurse her back to health once she gets home (probably later today).

Feel better, Jenelle! And tell Jace to save some ice cream for you!

Any wishes you want to send? And would you ever tweet a post-surgery pic?

[Photo: via Twitter]

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