'Teen Mom' Kid Superlatives: Class Clown, Biggest Flirt & Best Dressed! (Photos)

teen mom 2, leah messer
Aleeah and Ali showing their love for one another.

The kids of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 may be all under 4-years-old, but they’re some of the most fascinating stars on reality TV today! And while the kids may not be graduating from high school just yet, we decided to give them their very own superlatives!

Bentley, Aubree, Leah, Aleeah, Ali, Sophia, Carly, Isaac, and Jace have all captivated our hearts since the reality hits premiered on MTV. It’s their personalities that draw us in week in and week out. Sure, they’re painfully adorable, but it’s their hilarious, bubbly, and wise interactions that keep us coming back for more!

So which Teen Mom tyke got named best dressed, class clown, or biggest flirt? You may think you know, but you have no idea!

Take a look below to find out which superlative your favorite Teen Mom kid received!

  • Most Likely To Be A Millionaire 1 of 9
    Most Likely To Be A Millionaire
    Sophia already has a strong interest in money. And her mom Farrah Abraham is showing her the ropes on owning a business, building a restaurant, and achieving your dreams!
  • Most Likely To Become A Police Officer 2 of 9
    Most Likely To Become A Police Officer
    Jace has seen way too much drama in his life and we can see him taking that experience and turning it into something positive. Jace would make an excellent law enforcement officer.
  • Most Likely To Succeed 3 of 9
    Most Likely To Succeed
    Catelynn and Tyler made the hardest decision to give their daughter Carly up for adoption. But they made this decision to ensure that Carly would be as successful as possible in life! We see Carly going far in whatever endeavors she takes on!
  • Class Flirt 4 of 9
    Class Flirt
    Ali already proved her love to mom Leah Messer. But if she spills her feelings like this to her future crushes, we have a feeling she'll be a real flirt!
  • Most Likely To Become A Chef 5 of 9
    Most Likely To Become A Chef
    Aleeah has food all over her face! And she looks adorable. We can't help but argue that her love for food may lead to a career in the culinary arts!
  • Best Dressed 6 of 9
    Best Dressed
    With mom Chelsea Houska guiding her style choices, Aubree will undoubtedly be the best dressed wherever she goes! And we're sure that she'll wear lots of animal prints.
  • Most Likely To Win An Emmy 7 of 9
    Most Likely To Win An Emmy
    Kailyn's son Isaac is already displaying his interest in the filming of a television show. If Isaac grows up to take on such a profession, he is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else due to his experience on 'Teen Mom 2.'
  • Class Clown 8 of 9
    Class Clown
    Bentley is such a goof ball. We've spotted him make Maci, Kyle, and dad Ryan laugh during every occasion filmed for 'Teen Mom'. Take a look at his messy smile here. It's too hard not to smile or laugh when one is around Bentley.
  • Most Likely To Model 9 of 9
    Most Likely To Model
    Leah sure looks like she's ready to model. It's as if she already knows to tilt her head one way, and look into the wind. And check out how she is selling those sunglasses! We can see Leah becoming a supermodel!

[Photos via Twitter.]

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