Teen Mom Leah Messer & Corey Simms Split: How Will That Affect Their Twins?


Leah MesserTeen mom Leah Messer and her husband Corey Simms have broken up. Their relationship has been rocky with him misusing their money to him “hooking up” with other women. Yeah, not a match made in heaven.  And when it comes to making ends meet to support their home and their twins Aleeah and Aliannah, Corey reportedly did not see the family as the priority. The “last straw” was when …Corey- according to In Touch –  allegedly took most of the money out of their joint account and used it to buy himself a brand new truck. And he didn’t feel bad about it saying that he felt he deserved it.

Leah is evidently distraught by it all and had wanted to keep the family together with a friend saying that, “she always said she didn’t want a broken home for her girls, since her father left her family,” the friend says. “But now she is ready to give that up and leave Corey for good.”

According to an “insider” Leah plans on fighting for full custody of her twins.