Teen Mom Maci Bookout Gets Wild on Spring Break! Plus Shows Off Back Tattoo (Photos)

Maci Bookout Gets Wild!

Teen Mom Maci Bookout, she has let loose and is going a wee bit wild. This Teen Mom star has made the pilgrimage to Florida for Spring Break! Yes, a totally classic vacay spot.   And she wasn’t alone. She went with some girlfriends and will even hook up with another reality TV star when he gets there Adam Royer of The Real World Las Vegas.

And Maci? She’s having a grand old time! She tweeted, “i woulda never predicted everything that 2012 has put me through but i have never been happier in my life. crazy how that works huh.” And she isn’t looking for love. The other day she tweeted, “ill never die trying to find love because i found it in my son.” So sweet!

Check out some photos from Maci’s trip including a photo of her big back tattoo right here!

  • Maci’s Back Piece 1 of 8
    Maci's Back Piece
    Maci Bookout showed off her back tattoo while wearing a bikini!
  • Florida! Here Comes Maci! 2 of 8
    Florida! Here Comes Maci!
    As they enter Florida at 6:30 am!
  • Maci & Misty 3 of 8
    Maci & Misty
    "me and misty  love her"
  • Her girls! 4 of 8
    Her girls!
    "#springbreakdayseven #daytonabeach" Nuf said.
  • Her Pal Katie 5 of 8
    Her Pal Katie
    Katie tweeted: "Yeah dats my girlfriiiiend @macideshanebookout"
  • Maci’s Flips Off 6 of 8
    Maci's Flips Off
    Maci flips off the camera!
  • Maci’s view! 7 of 8
    Maci's view!
    "myview" Not to shabby!
  • Nice! 8 of 8
    She named this one, "myotherview."

Photos: Via Twitter