Teen Mom Maci Bookout Thinks She And Ryan Will Make Great Co-Parents


Those Teen Mom stars seem to be everywhere these days!  One of the stars of the show Maci Bookout, spoke to to put to rest rumours that she and her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards got back together.

When asked if she and Edwards had a future together, Bookout told the website that  ‘”No. There is a future with us as co-parents but not a future for us as a couple.”

She’s also still dating Kyle King, the man she moved to a new city for.  “Kyle and I are best friends and we are there for each other. It’s nice to know someone is there for you no matter what.”

And, when asked if she sees marriage and even more babies in the future she said

“Definitely want both, but not right now.”

I have to day that from watching this show Bookout seems to be one of the most responsible of the Teen Moms on the show.  She illustrates that while being a teen mom certainly isn’t an ideal situation that you have be mature and handle your responsibilities.  I think how she handled the situation with Ryan was very mature of her and she seems to always have Bentley’s best interests at heart.  What do you think of Maci?

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