Teen Mom Maci Bookout Wants Another Baby? (Video)

teen mom maci bookout baby bentley
Teen Mom Macy Bookout wants another kid?

On Tuesday’s Teen Mom, Maci Bookout said she wants to have another baby… but later (in the after show), decides it wasn’t such a hot idea.

Why does Maci want to have another baby?

Maci tried to convince Kyle and her family that having a second baby to join Bentley was a great plan. Her reasoning seemed to surround the idea that she’s “bored” when Bentley is with his dad, plus she wants Kyle to have his own baby.

Maci’s mom tried to set her straight, noting, “Ask anyone with two kids. It is much harder than one.”

Overall, a second kid would just add more drama than Maci needs… she’s got custody issues and college to finish. Why complicate it with a baby right now? There’s time, Maci.

In the Teen Mom after show, Maci explained, “Bentley spends so much time at Ryan’s house, it’s like I’m bored. Bentley is grown up now, he’s almost three. If you think about it, any normal marriage with a baby…that’s about the time you start to have another one, and I was seriously feeling that way.”

Maci decided to wait on a second baby… phew!