'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Ex Ryan Edwards Wants Full Custody Of Bentley (Photos)


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Ryan Edwards and Bentley spending time with Ryan's girlfriend Dalis.

Teen Mom Maci Bookout is about to embark in a bitter custody battle with her ex Ryan Edwards over their son BentleyBookout has already lost her boyfriend Kyle King and now she may lose her son as well.

“Ryan initially wanted join custody,” a source tells Star. “But after her incident in Anaheim when she got kicked out of the hotel, he’s trying to get full custody. Full is what he really wants.”

Bookout and King recently had a fight over the future of their relationship and the argument got so heated that the two were kicked out of their hotel. Maci went on to party with her girlfriends in order to blow some steam off. But Ryan thinks her partying has gone too far!

“Maci goes out all the time,” the source explains. “As it is now, Ryan already has Bentley more than she does. Maci will leave Bentley with Ryan so she can go out and party.”

Maci’s inappropriate behavior is even rubbing off on 3-year-old Bentley. “Bentley will go to Ryan’s after being with his mom, and he’ll be cussing a lot,” reveals the source. “Ryan will ask where he gets it from, and Bentley says, ‘Mama and Ky.’ She’s being really inappropriate.”

Ryan is worried, but he is waiting to petition the courts until he can definitely prove he’s the more responsible parent.

What do you think? Should Ryan get full custody of Bentley? Take a look at the fun times Ryan and Bentley have shared below!

  • Ryan Edwards and Bentley 1 of 12
    Ryan Edwards and Bentley
    Daddy loves trains as much as Bentley.
  • Ryan Edwards and Bentley 2 of 12
    Ryan Edwards and Bentley
    Ryan and Bentley playing with the trains.
  • Ryan Edwards 3 of 12
    Ryan Edwards
    For everyone asking for pics of Ryan when he was young, here you go...
  • Ryan Edwards 4 of 12
    Ryan Edwards
    Ryan when he was young.
  • Ryan Edwards 5 of 12
    Ryan Edwards
    Does Ryan look like Bentley?
  • Bentley 6 of 12
    Bentley playing with his new wooden Thomas Train track.
  • Ryan Edwards 7 of 12
    Ryan Edwards
    Do you see a resemblance?
  • Bentley 8 of 12
    Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet, amazing, wonderful grandson. We love you Bentley!!!!! Mimi and Papa
  • Bentley 9 of 12
    Off to have some fun!!!
  • Ryan Edwards and Dalis 10 of 12
    Ryan Edwards and Dalis
    Trick or Treaters
  • Bentley 11 of 12
    next Peyton Manning
  • Bentley 12 of 12
    My favorite Trick or Treater

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