Teen Mom Maci's Biggest Fear: Losing Her Son

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Teen mom star Maci Bookout with son Bentley

Maci Bookout has let her life with baby son Bentley unfold on national television, as part of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. In the most recent season of Teen Mom, it seems Bookout has been getting her life in order and making herself happy, moving to a new town, falling in love with an old friend and getting an education.

But that doesn’t mean the road has been easy for her. Bookout spoke with RadarOnline and revealed what it’s been like to be a mom at such a young age. When asked the most difficult thing about being a teen mom, Bookout responded, “Being somewhat alone. None of my friends have children so it’s hard to have a close friendship with anyone. Also, having to go to college and worry about homework and financial issues.”

But that all pales in comparison to Bookout’s main worry. “My biggest fear is losing Bentley,” she said. “…Second is probably letting myself and my family down. I hope to create and maintain a good and healthy life for Bentley and myself.”

Do you think Bookout is on the right path to make that happen?



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