'Teen Mom' Returns June 19: The Originals Are Back! (Photos)


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'Teen Mom' Season 4 will return June 19.

Teen Mom 2 has come and gone, 16 and Pregnant is premiering this month, but fans are yearning for the return of the originals!

MTV has heard your calling because the network is bringing back Teen Mom for a fourth season this June 19! And we know this season will come with heaps of drama including more of Amber’s legal troubles, Maci and Kyle drama, and Farrah continuing her life in Florida – away from Sophia!

We’re dying in anticipation as we’re sure most of you are as well. But to tide you over for the next few months, take a look at the Teen Mom’s latest twitter photos below!

  • Best Friends 1 of 10
    Best Friends
    Bentley and Leah played together in NYC last weekend.
  • Love of Her Life 2 of 10
    Love of Her Life
    Maci has said time and time again that her son Bentley is the love of her life.
  • The Originals 3 of 10
    The Originals
    Maci and Catelynn are two of the original 'Teen Moms.' Here they are filming the reunion special in New York City.
  • Holidays 4 of 10
    Farrah celebrated Christmas with Sophia in Florida.
  • NoH8 Campaign 5 of 10
    NoH8 Campaign
    Maci and Catelynn got together for Adam Bouska's NoH8 campaign.
  • Engagement 6 of 10
    Tyler and Catelynn released official engagement photos a few months ago.
  • Book Cover 7 of 10
    Book Cover
    Farrah has a book coming out next month and this is her and Sophia taking pictures for the cover.
  • Spring Break 8 of 10
    Spring Break
    Maci was spotted on Spring Break hanging out with MTV 'Real World' star Adam Royer.
  • Missing Mommy 9 of 10
    Missing Mommy
    While Amber will appear in the upcoming season of 'Teen Mom,' in real life she is without her daughter. Poor Leah.
  • Living With Daddy 10 of 10
    Living With Daddy
    Leah is currently living with her dad Gary Shirley while her mom Amber gets her life together.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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