'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Launches T-Shirt Line To Help Raise His Daughter


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'Teen Mom' star Gary Shirley is selling T-shirts.

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley and baby daddy to Amber Portwood’s child, Leah, is releasing his own T-shirt line in hopes of gaining more money to raise their daughter.

“OK launching shirts today thanks for any and all support,” Shirley posted on Twitter earlier today (June 3). “We’re very excited and really had fun with the shirts so hope you guys enjoy them as well.”

The T-shirts feature his big face with the slogan “Gary Time.” The shirts are being sold online and a portion of the sales with go to his daughter, Leah.

While I feel this a noble idea, I don’t think he will sell too many items. I mean, would you buy a “Gary Time” t-shirt?

[Photo via Twitter.]


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