'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley To Adopt A Kid Or Two! (Photos)

teen mom, gary shirley
'Teen Mom' star Gary Shirley at an amusement park.

Believe it or not, Teen Mom star Gary Shirley is looking to help the world!

Now that Shirley has been raising his daughter Leah by himself (mom Amber Portwood faced endless legal woes), he is beginning to think about his future.

“Leah’s my world, and another child could be as well…” he recently tweeted. “So many children already need a home.”

Of Gary’s future plans, he said, “When I get married to the right girl I’m definitely gonna adopt a child or 2. 1 of many dreams of mine.”

Gary seems to be a great dad to Leah and it’s amazing that he’s looking to give children in need a good home, but we’re also glad he’s waiting a while before taking action.

Take a look below at Gary and Leah’s life together!

  • Santa Claus 1 of 10
    Santa Claus
    Gary's daughter Leah sat on Santa's lap back during Christmas.
  • Photo Shoot! 2 of 10
    Photo Shoot!
    Leah and Gary's friend Evan played with photobooth on the computer.
  • Sleepy 3 of 10
    Here Leah is sleeping next to her dad in bed.
  • A Fan of Cartoons 4 of 10
    A Fan of Cartoons
    Gary is a huge fan of Family Guy. Perhaps he will watch cartoons with Leah.
  • Gary Time 5 of 10
    Gary Time
    Gary sells products like this hat to help support his daughter.
  • First Haircut 6 of 10
    First Haircut
    Leah sat down recently to get her first haircut!
  • Having Fun 7 of 10
    Having Fun
    Leah put on some face paint and had fun over the summer.
  • Birthday Fun! 8 of 10
    Birthday Fun!
    Gary threw this decadent birthday party for his daughter Leah.
  • Plenty of Food 9 of 10
    Plenty of Food
    Gary definitely stocks the house with plenty of food.
  • Car Ride! 10 of 10
    Car Ride!
    Leah was spotted enjoying a car ride with daddy!

[Photos via Twitter.]

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