'Teen Mom' Stars Chelsea Houska, Farrah Abraham Plan Summer Play Date! (Photos)

chelsea houska, farrah abraham, teen mom
'Teen Mom' stars Chelsea Houska and Farrah Abraham.

The personal lives of the Teen Mom stars are appearing to be more entertaining than the ones of their on-air counterparts.

Chelsea Houska and Farrah Abraham recently exchanged tweets in hopes of planning a summer play date in Omaha, Nebraska!

Chelsea originally tweeted, “girl! Are you gonna be in Omaha at all this summer??” to which Farrah quickly responded with, “Yes, in May! Lets get our little ones to meet, I will text you soon.”

Why MTV never films these crossovers are beyond me, but I’ve suggested this scenario in my own 15 Teen Mom Spinoff Ideas.

Forgetting the fact that we may never see these meet-ups on film, I directed all my attention towards the adorable tots benefiting from the play date: Aubree and Sophia! These girls are beyond adorable and, without a doubt, seem destined to becomes best friends! And they have more in common than you think.

Take a look below at the ways Aubree and Sophia are more alike than they are different!

  • All Dolled Up 1 of 10
    All Dolled Up
    Aubree looks adorable with her headband and a pony tail!
  • Future Model 2 of 10
    Future Model
    Sopha looks just as gorgeous with her hair up. And it makes her look so grown-up!
  • Loved To Read 3 of 10
    Loved To Read
    Aubree sat down for a story after her nighttime bath.
  • Loves Balloons 4 of 10
    Loves Balloons
    While Aubree loves books, Sophia seems to love balloons!
  • Grateful Aubree 5 of 10
    Grateful Aubree
    Aubree is grateful for mom's home cooking!
  • Grateful Sophia 6 of 10
    Grateful Sophia
    Sophia is grateful for all that is given to her! (Hey, we love money too!)
  • Happy Go Lucky 7 of 10
    Happy Go Lucky
    Aubree loves jumping on the trampoline.
  • Happy As Can Be 8 of 10
    Happy As Can Be
    Sophia loves posing for photos! How cute does she look during this school portrait?
  • Imagination Gone Wild 9 of 10
    Imagination Gone Wild
    Aubree loves playing with toys and using her imagination.
  • Big Imagination! 10 of 10
    Big Imagination!
    This large slug is rather creative and imaginative! No wonder Sophia wanted a photo with it.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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