'Teen Mom's' Bentley Has Fun With His Puppy Henry (Photos)


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'Teen Mom's' Bentley with his puppy Henry.

Teen Mom Maci Bookout brough Christmas on a little early this year when she bought her son Bentley a new puppy! Maci didn’t exactly buy it, she more or so saved the pup, and Bentley is that much more happy because of it.

Maci decided to enroll Henry (the puppy) into a kindergarten training class as she tweeted, “bentley and i are on our way to henrie’s first puppy class!!!”

But having a puppy is not always rainbows and sunshine. She later said, “henrie i love u but daaaamnit u poop a lot gah!”

Aside from all the stress that a puppy brings, the happiness sure outweighs it. Just take a look at Bentley’s happy face in the photos below!

  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 1 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    Bentley bringing his puppy, Henry, home!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 2 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    This is the dog that Maci's boyfriend Kyle King originally wanted. Scary!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 3 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    Bentley took a break from Henry to ride his bike.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 4 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    And play with his trains.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 5 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    And be silly with Kyle!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 6 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    Here's Henry all sleepy. How cute!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 7 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    Bentley and Henry up past their bed times.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Bentley 8 of 8
    'Teen Mom's' Bentley
    Bentley sure does love Kyle. Maybe he was an influence in getting the puppy!

[Photos via Twitter.]

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