'Teen Mom's' Bentley Preps For the Holidays (Photos)

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Bentley builds a gingerbread house for Christmas.

When it comes to Teen Mom’s adorable tyke Bentley, he sure has it all.

Bentley is surrounded by so many people that love him, including mom Maci Bookout, dad Ryan Edwards, their significant others, both sets of grandparents, and two lovable pups! So it’s no doubt that Bentley will have the best Christmas ever!

In fact, Bentley has been busy preparing the holidays as he has been baking cookies with Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis Paige, building gingerbread houses with Ryan, and traveling to ski resorts with Maci and her boyfriend Kyle King.

Take a look at the photos below!

  • Family Love 1 of 14
    Family Love
    Ryan Edwards, Bentley, and Dalis Paige all pose for a photo together.
  • Nanny Loves Me 2 of 14
    Nanny Loves Me
    Bentley and Ryan's mom pose for a photo. Bentley loved his Halloween costume so much that he continues to wear it.
  • He Comes Santa Claus 3 of 14
    He Comes Santa Claus
    Bentley took part in the Santa parade.
  • Big Boy Time 4 of 14
    Big Boy Time
    Bentley got a brand-new big boy bed for Christmas.
  • Homemade Brownies 5 of 14
    Homemade Brownies
    Bentley and Dalis made some brownies at home.
  • Patience Is a Virtue 6 of 14
    Patience Is a Virtue
    Bentley is showing no patience as he waits for some Christmas cookies to bake.
  • Let’s Build A Home 7 of 14
    Let's Build A Home
    Bentley built a gingerbread house for the holidays.
  • Daddy, Can You Help Me? 8 of 14
    Daddy, Can You Help Me?
    Ryan helped out Bentley as they made the home at Nanny's house.
  • Perfection 9 of 14
    Here is a final shot of Bentley's gingerbread house.
  • More Family Love 10 of 14
    More Family Love
    Bentley posed in a photo with mom Maci and her boyfriend Kyle King.
  • Who Get the Coal? 11 of 14
    Who Get the Coal?
    According to Ryan's mom, the coal bag shifts among Ryan, Dalis, and Bentley's stockings! Uh oh.
  • Me and My Dog Moto! 12 of 14
    Me and My Dog Moto!
    Bentley, who has a dog named Henry at home, plays with Ryan's dog.
  • Bentley Turns 3-Years-Old! 13 of 14
    Bentley Turns 3-Years-Old!
    At Ryan's birthday party in early December.
  • Blast From the Past 14 of 14
    Blast From the Past
    Ryan in front of the Christmas tree a long time ago.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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