'Teen Mom's' Leah Celebrates Her 3rd Birthday! (Photos)

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'Teen Mom's' Leah turns 3-years-old!

When it comes to Teen Mom, we often forget about the little ones that end up stealing the show – the real stars in front of the camera. Leah, Bentley, and Sophia provide some of the cutest moments of MTV’s reality hit and today (Nov. 12), we’re celebrating Leah’s birthday!

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley’s daughter turns 3-years-old on this day and in celebration, we put together photos from Leah’s life.

Gary tweeted, “Happy birthday @leah_leann i love you so much baby. And I’m so proud of the girl you are and will be. I’m glad your mine:).”

Take a look at the photos below!

  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 1 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah trying on daddy's hat.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 2 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah getting her very first haircut!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 3 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah at a church activity and pumpkin patch trip.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 4 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah having fun with daddy.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 5 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    In case you were unaware, these are Leah's parents: Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 6 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah looks like she has some face makeup on.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 7 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah pushing her hair back. She looks a little frustrated.
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 8 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah loves ice cream!
  • ‘Teen Mom’s’ Leah 9 of 9
    'Teen Mom's' Leah
    Leah as a baby. It's hard to believe she is 3-years-old already!

[Photos via Twitter/Facebook.]

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