Teen Mom's Maci Bookout Wants to Quit College to Be With Bentley?

maci bookout teen mom preview episode college quits drops out
Will Teen Mom Maci Bookout drop out of college?

On last week’s Teen Mom, Maci Bookout said she wanted to have another baby. This week? Maci wants to quit college.

Oh girl, get yourself some guidance!

In tonight’s episode of Teen Mom, Maci says she wants to leave college to spend time with Bentley because she’s afraid she’ll be “missing out on Bentley.”

Bookout adds, “I’m not worried about Bentley missing me, I’m worried about me missing Bentley!”

Maci’s mom isn’t too thrilled with the whole idea because Maci will still need to get a job – so, I’m thinking the girl sticks it out with college!

Another interesting tidbit from Teen Mom is that Bentley’s dad, Ryan, friends Maci’s boyfriend, Kyle, on Facebook. Kyle accepts! Uh… not so sure about that one, dude.

Watch the Teen Mom preview – will Maci stay in college? Why did Kyle accept that Facebook friend request?

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