Teenage Dream: Russell And Katy's Love Story


Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell Brand shares the exact moment that he fell in love with Katy Perry!


Most happily ever afters begin with something magical, like, say, a glass slipper, but for funny man Russell Brand and pop-sensation Katy Perry, that love story started with a skull-adorned bracelet. Although the beginning to their budding romance will not inspire a new Disney movie any time soon, the story, which Brand shares in his new book “Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal,” is surprisingly adorable. 

According to sources, it all started at the rehearsal for the 2009 VMAs. Russell was hosting the gig, while his future bride was preparing for her show open performance. As they crossed paths, Brand complimented Perry on her boney bracelet. Russell reveals that, “(she responded) ‘You think so? Thanks.’ It is an Alexander McQueen bangle, a simple hoop with two skulls facing each other at the ends. Wordlessly she smiles, removes it and places it on my wrist, gently handcuffing me.”

When Brand tried to return the said bangle, Perry insisted that he hold on to the piece. “‘It’s okay. Keep it. To remind you of me.’…I look at her and it makes me feel still. Then, looking into her eyes, quietly I say: ‘I don’t need anything to remind me of you.’ That is how I fell in love. Throughout (the VMAs) I carried the bracelet in my pocket. Even though she was there.”

Adorable… adorable! Any doubts I ever had about this man being a good husband or father have completely melted away after reading this story. Yes, he was a drug, sex, alcohol, and whatever else addict, but clearly he has the strength to overcome temptation and a heart big enough to tell him what is truly important in life. Did this story change your opinion of Brand as a husband and potential new dad?

Photo: PR Photos