Tenley Confirms She And Kiptyn Are A Couple: They're Even Hanging Out With Ali and Roberto!


It was pretty obvious from Bachelor Pad Episode 4 last night that things are seriously heating up between Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke. They enjoyed a romantic date together on Catalina Island, did plenty of smooching, and even spent the night together in the “Fantasy Suite.”

Tenley has remained quiet on the status of her relationship with Kiptyn up until now, but at a post-Emmy bash, she confirmed that they are in fact, a couple!

She told reporters on the red carpet, “Tonight is our first night out as an actual couple…We were friends first and always, always a crush. And he’s just one of the most genuine men I’ve ever met and he’s very, very consistent.”

Things have gotten so serious between Tenley and Kiptyn that they have been taking weekend getaways together, and are even hanging out with Bachelorette couple Ali and Roberto. The four of them attended a charity event together, and have plans in the works to have a quiet night-in, with the guys making dinner, because according to Tenley, neither she or Ali is much of a cook!

Looks like there may be a race to the altar between Tenley and Kiptyn and Ali and Roberto. Who will make it there first?

Will there be Bachelor Pad babies in the near future as well?

Photo: PRPhotos