Teresa Giudice Auction to Be Online Too! Yes, You Can Bid From The Comfort of Your Own Home


Now, we’ve all heard about the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Teresa Giudice and her financial woes. And most of us know about the sale of her family’s worldly belonging that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on August 22nd. But one thing about this high profile auction —which includes such items as a coat of armor, a pool table and her baby’s crib – is that the auction was taking place at their home in New Jersey. For those of us who don’t live in driving distance, well we were out of luck. Until now

It’s being reported that the auction house A.J. Wilner has said that they had so many “inquiries from around the world” that they’re going to offer some of the items online auction style. Proxibid – that specializes in “live online webcast auctions and real time bidding” – will handle the off site bidders from Fresno to France.

You can check out the entire catalog right here. But don’t get your heart totally set on any of these pieces. As Teresa mentioned on Monday’s The View, her and Joe’s lawyer have filed an objection and are trying to have the auction halted. And they also are claiming that not everything offered should be up for sale. Some items were bought after the bankruptcy filing and some of the other stuff belongs to relatives and therefore should not be included.

So when will you know if you can log in and buy a little piece of Real Housewives memorabilia for yourself? The judge will be decide on August 16th.  Oh when The Wall Street Journal tried to contact Teresa for a comment couldn’t because their phone had been disconnected.

Would you be tempted to purchase a little something from the Giudice estate?