Teresa Giudice Celebrates New Year's Eve with Friends & Family (Photos)

Teresa Giudice and Joe

It was party time for Teresa Giudice for New Year’s Eve. And not just some little shindig – the Real Housewives of New Jersey star had a great big blowout with friends, family, and of course her adorable daughters.

Teresa shared a whole bunch of photos from the big night (and the delicious looking New Years Day meal) from spending time with her mom and dad and a super cute photo of Terera’s four girls.

You can check out the Giudice gang and their family fun right here:

  • The Giudice Girls 1 of 7
    The Giudice Girls
    "Happy New Years from the Giudice Girls! Hope you all have a safe and healthy New Year! Seeya 2012! Hello 2013!" Such a cute photo!
    Photo Source: Twitter/ Gia Giudice
  • Dad & Daughter 2 of 7
    Dad & Daughter
    An adorable dad and daughter photo from New Year's Eve!
    Photo Source: Twitter/ Teresa Giudice
  • Family! 3 of 7
    Teresa posted this photo saying, "great night! Everyone sure got all dressed up. Photo Source: Twitter/ Teresa Giudice
  • Teresa & Her Parents 4 of 7
    Teresa & Her Parents
    "My wonderful parents. Happy New Year from each of us." So nice they get to spend it together.
    Photo Source: Twitter/ Teresa Giudice
  • Friends 5 of 7
    New Years Eve isn't just a time for Teresa and her family, it's a time for friends too. She posted this pic saying, "My friends Kim Linda and Michael."
    Photo Source: Twitter/ Teresa Giudice
  • Party Time! 6 of 7
    Party Time!
    "Juicy Joe John Ryan and Craig" The boys look ready for some fun don't they?
    Photo Source: Twitter/ Teresa Giudice
  • Lentil Soup 7 of 7
    Lentil Soup
    Wonder what Teresa was eating on New Years Day? She wrote, "Made lentil soup today-it is an Italian tradition to eat it on New Year's day!"
    Photo Source: Twitter/ Teresa Giudice


Photo Source: Twitter

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