Teresa Giudice Dishes on Meeting Tom Staub, Insults Danielle


Financially troubled Teresa Giudice of the Real Houswives of New Jersey, who recently defended her bankruptcy filing by comparing herself to Walt Disney, had a compliment for Tom Staub, Danielle Staub’s ex-husband and father of her daughters: “We finally got to meet their dad, and I think it’s obvious where they got their good looks from!”  But something tells me she was more interested in insulting Danielle than complimenting Tom…

Teresa, who seems somewhat obsessed with Danielle’s parenting skills, also has a few more zingers for Danielle in her latest blog post at Bravo, including seemingly blaming Danielle for the media reports that she charges charities for appearances:

On Charity Gate: “I have no idea why this charity would try and bash me in the press, unless they were looking for press, which they obviously got. I did notice that Danielle was in attendance at this particular event…. Coincidence? Hmmm….”

On Danielle’s kids wanting to leave home: “I also really liked seeing Christine’s Sweet 16 Party. She is a beautiful girl, but you can tell she’s counting down the days until she can leave that house. Poor Jillian has a little longer to wait.”

On Danielle wearing her old engagement ring: “I thought it was creepy that she would wear her engagement ring just to make a statement to her ex-husband’s new wife. Sad.”

On Jillian’s performance:  “Jillian’s singing was so sweet, but it nearly broke my heart that Danielle was pushing her so hard. Of course, Danielle turned everything back around to her. Typical.”

On the most amusing line of the episode: “Funniest line of the episode: Danielle, ‘I am the best mother in the world.’ I really can’t even make that even funnier. I’ll just leave it to stand on its own.”

Read Teresa’s blog, the gift that keeps on giving, here.