Teresa Giudice Puts House up for Sale, Marble and All


teresa giudice house

It seemed inevitable, and yet its shocking nevertheless: Teresa Giudice is selling her house, a six-bedroom structure that was like a fifth daughter to her. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband are $11 milion in debt and have filed for bankruptcy, so, assuming the house sells in this market, it should help their financial situation. But not entirely. Details on the house’s value, and the trauma of moving with all of their kids (now numbering 4!), below.

With six bedrooms, five and a half baths, 16 rooms total, 10,000 square feet, a really strange waterfall, and more marble than you’d know what to do with, Teresa Giudice’s mansion is listed for only $3.99 million. I say “only” because once the moving costs and selling fees are taken out, that won’t go far, given this Real Housewife’s spending habits. Granted, she mostly spends on her kids, largely on the oldest’s burgeoning acting career. But still.

Ah, yes, the moving costs. I recently moved out of a home that was 1/20th the size of the Giudice mansion, and with all stuff my ONE kid has, it was traumatic and unfathomably costly. Plus, kids don’t like change, so moving is an emotional experience for them whether your parents are bankrupt or not. There’s no word on whether the Giudice kids are in therapy, other than dialect therapy for the young thespian, but counseling might be a good use of some of that $3.99 million. Not that I think Teresa’s a bad mom—she loves these kids with her entire heart and soul—but this is a lot of change at once for the children, especially so soon after a new baby has joined the brood.

Thoughts? Anyone interested in making a bid?

View the listing here.