Teresa Giudice Takes Her Daughters Snowmobiling Ahead Of Nemo (Photos)


BCm44AgCcAAKNEa.jpg-largeThe Northeast might be battling quite the snowstorm this weekend, and it looks like Teresa Giudice and her family tried to spend whatever free time they had outdoors before the storm hit their state of New Jersey.

The Real Housewives star shared a few photos of her daughters having fun while snowmobiling their the Giudice home. Talk about a great way to prepare for a storm, right? LOL.

Check out our photos below, including a few ones of Audriana from earlier this week at Milania’s basketball game and let us know what you think! Are you prepared for super snowstorm Nemo this weekend?

  • Safety First 1 of 4
    Safety First
    Dad Joe helps Gabriella put on her helmet!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Nemo Is Coming! 2 of 4
    Nemo Is Coming!
    It looks like Gabriella was enjoying a little ride in the snow before the big storm!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Foul! 3 of 4
    Earlier in the week the Giudices helped support Miliania at her basketball game!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Too Cute 4 of 4
    Too Cute
    It looks like someone here is ready to score!
    Photo via Twitter

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