Teresa Giudice Won't Do Charity Event For Free. How Much Does She Charge?


Most celebrities charge an appearance fee. Kelly Ripa and Bill Cosby demand up to $100,000. Anderson Cooper, Alex Rodriguez, Kim Catrall and Serena Williams are all in the $50,000 range. Carson Kressley from the former Bravo television show “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” bags around $30,000 and even Jon Gosselin gets paid a reported $10,000 to show up and do his thing.

For many it’s a price worth paying since having a celebrity brings attention and draws guests, which is important if the event is a ticketed affair.  However, many non-profit organizations do not pay these fees. It isn’t worth the cost since those funds are finances that could go to their philanthropic cause. Most celebs will show up at these events free in order to show support and gain some positive press.

Not  Teresa Giudice.  The Real Housewife of New Jersey, whose financial troubles have been in the news lately, recently asked for a large sum to appear at a charity event. How much?

Teresa asked for $3,000 to appear at a July 19 New Jersey fund-raiser for Strengthen Our Sisters, an organization that helps abused women. Event planner Athena Georgiadis told Page Six that, “Mike Esterman, who books her appearances, said . . . she would not show up unless she got paid. I explained this was for a shelter for women and children. He said it doesn’t matter.”

Harsh. Especially when Danielle Staub, her daughters, and Lori Michaels came for free.

Teresa’s rep responded that “I made it clear I only handle her paid appearances, and the fee is $3,000 and a car service. I said charity events have to be agreed by Teresa personally, and they should reach out to her directly.”