Teresa Giudices Daughter Milania Tries On Her Mothers Lipstick, Plus More Pics Of Her Girls (Photos)

Miliania Giudice

Just like any little girl out there, it looks like little Milania Giudice loves to play dress up with her mother’s make-up! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa GIudice posted an adorable photo of Milania all dressed up as the cute little movie star that she is. She looks so much like her sister Gia, right?

And from the looks of things, it was a rather busy weekend for the Giudice household too, as they celebrated sister Gabriella’s birthday party with all of her friends and family at an indoor rock-climbing venue in New Jersey.

Check out our photos below and let us know what you think!

  • With Dad 1 of 9
    With Dad
    Gabriella sure is daddy's little girl, isn't she? She looks adorable here!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Middle School Portrait 2 of 9
    Middle School Portrait
    OMG! Can you believe how much Gia has grown over the years? She looks so beautiful in her middle school picture here.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Audriana 3 of 9
    She might be the youngest of the Giudice clan, but she sure is the spunkiest, isn't she? I love her little style.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Birthday Party 4 of 9
    Birthday Party
    Wow! It looks like Gabriella's entire class showed up to her birthday party.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Gabriella 5 of 9
    Climbing up and growing up at the same time.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Happy Birthday 6 of 9
    Happy Birthday
    It looks like Gabriella was surrounded by all of her family and friends for her special day.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Soccer Girl 7 of 9
    Soccer Girl
    She's stopping all those goals at her soccer game. Go Gabriella!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Audriana 8 of 9
    Wasn't she just a little baby? Audriana is growing up WAY too fast!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Miliana 9 of 9
    Same apples with Miania - but I must admit that she looks gorgeous here, even with the lipstick.
    Photo via Twitter

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