Teresa Scanlan: Miss America 2011 Winner Good Or Bad Example For Girls?

Teresa Scanlan miss america 2011 winner
Is Teresa Scanlan Setting a Good or Bad Example as Miss America?

Teresa Scanlan, Miss Nebraska, was crowned the Miss America 2011 winner at last night’s Miss America Pageant. As one of the youngest Miss America contestants to ever compete in the pageant, Teresa Scanlan beat Miss Arkansas to take the crown.

Many young girls were likely watching the Miss America Pageant with their parents last night and looked on in awe at all of those beautiful ladies on stage. Now that Teresa Scanlan is Miss America 2011, she will serve as a role model to girls across this country. As the winner of a beauty pageant, is Teresa Scanlan setting a good or bad example for our youth?

The Miss America pageant does come with a scholarship prize, and the Miss America winner always goes on to do charity and volunteer work, etc. There is an academic component to the pageant, but honestly, have you ever seen a Miss America contestant who wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous and a size 2?

Teresa Scanlan has done work in the past to help girls with eating disorders, but by participating in a competition where beauty and perfection is the main focus, is she contradicting her work?

What do you think?