Teri Hatcher Celebrates Daughter's Graduation With a Limo!


Time was, an 8th grade graduation celebration meant some stale potato chips, luke-warm Pepsi and a party in which the teenage boys and teenage girls hung out on opposite sides of somebody’s backyard.

I think conditions for kids these days have seriously improved.

Just ask Emerson Rose Tenney, Teri Hatcher’s 13-year-old daughter who got to celebrate her 8th grade graduation with a limousine ride to STK, a swanky restaurant in Beverly Hills. Hatcher and her daughter were a matchy-matchy vision in black-and-white, but it totally works. In fact I’m not sure whose clothes I want more. (I’ve made my peace with the fact that the vast legion of Hollywood kids have better clothes than I do—Suri Cruise, anyone—and I suggest you do the same.)

And if you want to read more about Teri Hatcher’s life as a single mom, and her latest venture, Get Hatched, check out our interview at Babble Celebrity.

Anyway, more photos of cool mom Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson celebrating a milestone in style, on the next page.


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