Teri Hatcher Likes to Gamble, Says It's to Teach Her Daughter Math



Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher likes to hit the track every once in a while, but don’t think she’s just throwing her money away. Hatcher says she uses the outing to help daughter Emerson Rose, 11, with her math skills.

“I go to the track with my mother and my daughter,’ the actress says of her annual Mother’s Day outing with Emerson and her own mom, Esther. ‘I do use the opportunity to make [Emerson] understand math, and what you’re betting and what you get back. This year, she did all the winning.

“I gave her a certain amount of dollar bills and she knew she had to divide them up by how many races there were, and figure out the odds…I made myself believe I was giving her math lessons. So we work on math. It’s fun.”

I don’t blame Teri – us moms have to get creative to justify our personal time. For example, I use my daily Starbucks runs to teach my daughters about caffeine addiction, and how to hone their people skills. You won’t get that extra shot of espresso for free if you’re mean to the barista.