Teyana Taylor Photos: Did Media Take Out Get It All Wrong? She Responds on Twitter


Poor Teyana Taylor. The twenty year old hip-hop diva was the newest celebrity to fall victim to one of those “leaked photos” scandals. But this time, who ever did the reportedly fake leaking apparently didn’t put interior design into consideration.

The photos of the singer (who you may remember from My Super Sweet 16 were posted on Media Take Out ( and included three saucy shots. The first one is clearly Teyana in posing seductively in a bra and panties, the second photo of her laying on a bed, she says is also her. But the third, the one that shows it ALL, well that she claims is sooo not her. One big reason? The funky old wood headboard. Her’s she says is way more “modern.”

She responded to the photo leak on twitter saying:

“Lmfaooooo them naked pics r not me….smh i know who i know excatly who it is tho!! Its a girl i use to roll with! Aint sayn no names! Lol.

Oyea and not tryna be funny but that bucket naked girl in the pic titts r way smaller then mine..and my bed is way more modern & up to date!

im more upset about that raggedy ass twin bed that ppl really think that i would be on ROTFL and those cheap patent leather pumps!”

So why would anyone send out totally fake photos? And why would MediaTakeOut post them?